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PMX04(Portable Instruments for PXIe)

The PMX04 smart PXIe tablet 4-slot PXIe chassis integrates an embedded controller, a multipoint capacitive touch screen, various kinds of wired ports and other components to create a truly portable modular instrumentation solution.
Now from VTI Instruments

  • features
  •       - Portability
          - Multi-point capacitive touch-screen
          - powerful built-in embedded controller
          - Hardware expansion slots and peripheral interfaces



    PMX09(Portable Instruments for PXIe)

    The PMX09 smart PXIe tablet 9-slot PXIe chassis integrates an embedded controller, LCD display, keyboard and touchpad mouse, and various communication inter faces to create a truly portable modular instrumentation solution.
    Now from VTI Instruments

  • features
  •      - 9-slot PXI Express chassis
             ' system controller 1ea
             ' peripheral slots 6ea
             ' hybrid slot 1ea
             ' timing slot 1ea
         - 2GB/s slot bandwidth and 8GB/s system bandwidth
         - Portable system - intel PXI Express processor
         - Intel dual core i5 2.4GHz CPU
         - 8GB DDR3 DRAM, 160GB SATA HDD
         - 15" 1024 * 768 LCD Display
         - Drop down keyboard with touchpad mouse
         - Durable construction with corner shock isolators
         - 300W power sypply and integrated system cooling
         - Plenty of USB and ethernet ports


    EX1000A Series

    The EX1000A series is an advanced full-featured thermocouple and voltage measurement instrument providing superior measurement accuracy and repeatability through fully integrated signal conditioning, advanced cold-junction compensation(CJC), and complete, embedded end to end self calibration.

  • features
  •       - Precision Performance
          - Accurate Data
          - Repeatable Results



    The 48-channel EX1629 sets a new standard of performance for stress and fatigue testing. Independent 24-bit A/D converters on each channel, extensive software selectable filtering, and independent signal conditioning paths provide exceptional accuracy and reliability.

  • feature
  •       - 48-Channel High Performance Strain Gauge Instrument


    EX1200 Series

    The EX1200 series is the highest density switch and measure/control subsystem on the market today with the capacity to switch up to 576 channels of voltage or temperature in a single rack U mainframe. Mix and match a variety of modules to build a comprehensive signal switching and I/O subsystem that performs data logging, level detection and control.

  • features
  •       - High-Density and Modularity
          - Maximum Flexibility
          - Minimal Footprint


    EX7000 Series

    The RF and Microwave product family is the industry's first series of scalable microwave subsystem built on an open-architecture Ethernet/LXI platform. This innovative family of products simplifies the development of custom RFIU requirements with its common hardware platform and software communications interface, while maintaining the look and feel of a standard COTS product.

  • features
  •       - Scalable, Open Architecture Subsystem
          - COTS(connection mode transport service) Solution for Custom Requirements
          - Common Corporate Wide Solution



    Computer independence is a key advantage of the VXI platform, and a wide range of solutions are available from many different sources. To provide complete VXI subsystems, VTI Instruments offers a broad array of VXI slot 0 interfaces and controllers

  • features
  •       - Industry standard communications interfaces
          - PCbus architecture independence



    EXLab-based systems are a combination of robust, turnkey software and precision instrumentation designed to solve your toughest problems in verifying designs of electro-mechanical products.

  • features
  •       - High Speed Data Acquisition
          - General Purpose Data Logging
          - HALT / HASS Product Evaluation
          - Engine Test Cell Acquisition
          - Structural Testing
          - Process and Plant Monitoring
          - Performance and Event Monitoring


    Test for I-DEAS

    VTI's partnership with Maya HTT for the newly upgraded Test for I-DEAS provides customers a new and improved experience with the most comprehensive solutions for noise and vibration testing in the industry. Test for I-DEAS is a software suite of powerful tools for measuring, managing, processing and analyzing NVH data in large scale dynamic test environments.

  • features
  •       - Acoustic Testing
          - Shock Testing
          - Modal Testing
          - Rotational machinery/ Order Analysis
          - High speed data measurements
          - Spectral Analysis
          - Digital Filering
          - Exporting live interactive graphs and data into MS office documents
          - Overlaying test and analysis data
          - Fatigue Life Estimation